Balinea offer a wide range of services for the homeowner and developer.

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Bathroom Design Service

Balinea's Design Package gives the client the option for more creative input into their bathroom. Whether a client knows the exact design they want, or would like inspiration for their bathroom, this package is ideal.

For those with an exact design in mind, Balinea can produce both 2D line and high resolution virtual drawings to make that idea 'come to life'. For those who are looking for ideas or suggestions to inspire their new bathroom, Balinea can help explore the design possibilities available.

When designing a Bathroom the first thing to be produced is a 2D aerial shot drawing. This enables the customer to clearly see the exact layout of their room. It also enables the designer to effectively manage the layout to optimise space in any given area. Along with 2D line drawings, high resolution images of each product chosen are also supplied, giving the customer

a clear idea of how their bathroom will look when finished.

The next stage of designing a luxury bathroom involves us producing a high resolution Virtual drawing. This takes the 2D image already produced and turns it into a fully 3D interactive room. This gives the customer the unique chance to see the finished room before a single product has been installed. Unlike other basic design packages, that used by Balinea shows explicit detail, from the general layout and choice of products, right down to the individual tile size, shape and colour. All of this means that the customer has the unique option to preview their designed room and be as much involved in the process as they wish.

Product Supply


Balinea offer a wide range of products from a variety of leading global brands.

As an independent bathroom consultancy, we are not required to use any particular manufacturers products, therefore enabling us to ensure each product chosen is of the highest quality, and perfectly suited for the individual design.

The supply of products is also not limited to those who have had a Balinea design. For those who know what they want, contact us today and we can provide you with a competitive quotation.

We also offer a free delivery service on orders over the value of £250. We are always happy to ensure deliveries are made when suitable for the customer in terms of days and times.


Installation of any bathroom or home interior must be carried out to the absolute highest standard. Not only can a less than perfect installation affect the quality of product and design, but can result in the need for re-ftting in the future, leading to added expense.

This is why Balinea only use qualified and experienced builders and fitters, for all forms of installation.

Project Management

Balinea offer a full Project Management service with regards to your Bathrooms. We can oversee the entire process from design right through to installation, taking the stress and hassle away from the customer.

Balinea also work in conjunction with companies in a selection of other areas, meaning we can help you find, and recommend, trusted companies and tradesmen for things such as flooring, kitchens and general building work.

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